When Sydney’s ‘sanctuary’ housing units open for business

Sydney’s first “sanctuary” housing units are now set to open for tenants and visitors, with the first units set to go into operation next month.Key points:The units will allow tenants to keep their homes “sanctuaries” and are being designed to provide safe and affordable housing for those with disabilitiesThe units are being built in response […]

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Can we trust the Cambridge housing property survey?

In a series of recent stories, the Guardian has reported on the lack of transparency in housing market data.In this article, we take a closer look at some of the key findings from a Cambridge housing survey.What we found In June 2017, the Cambridge Housing Survey (CHS) was launched to assess whether the housing market […]

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The latest housing market news

AUSTRALIA’S hottest housing market has seen prices climb faster than the national average over the past three years.The price index for detached houses in Melbourne rose 6.4 per cent in the December quarter to $1.943 million, with detached houses valued at $1 million and $1 billion in value.The price index of townhouses and apartment buildings […]

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How to get a good deal on a house in the property market

Get a great price on a property in the local property market.Find out if you can get a deal.What you need to know about local property properties: How much is a house worth?What are the best deals on properties?What can you do if you’re not sure?What is a ‘home’?What is the difference between ‘hotel’ and […]

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How to avoid ‘death by a thousand cuts’ in Australia’s housing market

HOUSER INVESTMENT PERSONS IN AUSTRALIA’S HOUSING MARKET ARE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR A COSTLY RETURN ON THEIR HOUSES.But what if you’re one of them?Property investment company Cascadia Property Investors said it is “looking at” how to deal with a “death by 500 cuts” in the Australian housing market.But the company’s CEO, Rob Knebel, told the […]

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