Singapore’s Housing Markets: A Quick Guide to the Key Housing Developments

A quick guide to the key housing developments in Singapore.Read moreA few months ago, the Singapore government announced that they would increase the rent of flats in rental housing from S$2,000 to S$3,500 per month.That is a big jump.This news prompted the housing industry to rush to the market, as investors had been holding off […]

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What you need to know about a house in Windsor, Ontario

Windy Harbour property owners may not be the only ones who will be affected by the new provincial government’s announcement that they will no longer be able to sell their houses in the city.In Windsor, properties that have been in the hands of the owners for a long time may no longer exist in the […]

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How to buy the most expensive house in Scotland

RTE 1.5 million houses have been sold since the end of the financial crisis, but only around 1,000 are for sale.The figures were revealed by the Scottish Government’s property statistics office on Thursday.It’s a small fraction of the 2.2 million houses that have been built in Scotland since the crisis, which has been blamed for […]

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How Sydney has built its largest house in more than 100 years

The property of Sydney’s richest woman, the daughter of former prime minister Tony Abbott, has been bought by a new owner who plans to transform the site into a home for the homeless.Ms Leanne Fowlie bought the property, the former home of her late father, Sir John Fowlies, in 2012 for $1.6 million and plans […]

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How to buy a beach house in Dubai with a $10m budget

Beach house properties in Dubai are cheap to buy and can be purchased for just $10 million, and it’s one of the most desirable properties to buy.It has a beautiful setting, which makes it a perfect place for a wedding, or for just an anniversary bash.With an impressive list of properties, there are some that […]

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Dunedin house prices climb again as the Government ramps up supply

The Dunedin housing market has risen again, with a median price for a detached house in the area of $1.5 million, up from a loss of $500,000 in the previous month.Property agents, who are also the main sellers of Dunedin homes, are forecasting a gain of $350,000.Key points: There were a total of 13,819 homes […]

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