How to build a bridge house in India

A new luxury building has been completed in India’s largest city of Varanasi, after months of delays and controversy over the building of the luxury home that was originally designed by architects for a wealthy businessman.

The construction of the new building, called the Savasandra, was completed in the last month of August, with the first home to be installed in the city, a seven-storey building, which was designed by architect Bhattacharya, who is a billionaire.

It is estimated to cost up to $10bn (£7bn) to construct, with a third of the money coming from the state of Maharashtra.

The rest comes from the US, UK, Germany, France, Singapore and other countries.

Image copyright ReutersImage caption The Savasara is a seven storey building which was built by architect Bhaskaracharya.

It took a decade to complete the project, and the builders had to pay the construction firm $1bn to construct it, and they had to buy land for the project.

The home was designed for a businessman who wanted to build his own luxury property, and was initially proposed for a luxury residence with an outdoor garden.

However, the businessman was not satisfied with the design, and his wife and son objected to the design.

The couple moved out and the Savarasandra was never built.

Instead, the architect and his team built a seven floor residential building, and then a five-storeys luxury villa.

This meant that there were only seven people living in the new structure, which also featured a garden.

“The building itself was built on a slope, which created a low roof, making it difficult for the architects to create the illusion of height,” says Mr Gupta, who was awarded the $1.2bn construction contract in July.

“I believe that the designer of the building was not as committed to the idea of a five storeys building as the architect of the residential building.

They needed more time to develop the idea,” he says.

Mr Gupta, whose firm, Gupta Associates, was commissioned by the government to develop a seven story luxury villas in the capital city of Mumbai, says he felt betrayed by the developers.

“It is true that the developers did not pay the developers any money, and this money is now in the hands of the state,” he said.

“What they did was to pay themselves and the state for the design of the villa, and also for the building work.”

Mr Gupta said he felt cheated and that the state was not involved in the project in any way.

The Savasarsandra is now the country’s second-most expensive residential building to be built in a single year.

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