Why I got the “I don’t want to be in the same neighborhood” feeling when it comes to home ownership

This story originally appeared on Hacker News. 

The idea of a shared housing unit has been around since the 1960s, but it’s been a contentious one.

And there have been several proposals over the years to help solve this issue. 

“When we look at the affordability crisis, and the fact that there are so many people who have never owned a home before, then that’s really a big deal,” says Chris Zukerman, a professor of real estate at Harvard University. 

Zukerman and his colleagues have been researching this idea for years. 

They’re studying how people who want to buy a home might feel when they walk into a housing unit.

They’ve also studied how a housing-sharing unit might affect the prices people pay for their homes. 

A Shared Housing Unit Could Help Close the Gap Between Housing Prices and Housing SupplyZukermen and his team have looked at different types of housing units, and they’ve also looked at how they affect home prices. 

In one study, Zukerman and his coauthors examined the effects of three types of buildings in different neighborhoods: residential, commercial, and rental. 

Housing units are often smaller, and in the case of rental units, a smaller number of people own the units. 

For residential units, the researchers looked at the number of units in a neighborhood. 

When the researchers analyzed the number and size of units per household, they found that the number, size, and density of residential units have a big effect on housing prices.

But, if a housing units were small enough, it would reduce the number that own the unit and make it more expensive. 

So, they asked people to compare their prices to the price of a similar unit in a similar neighborhood.

For example, a one-bedroom apartment in a small neighborhood could cost more than the same apartment in the most expensive part of the city, Zuckerman says. 

These findings were repeated in another study, which analyzed a different type of housing unit in different places in New York City. 

It was found that a two-bedroom unit in an affluent neighborhood, for example, would be more expensive than one in the more affordable areas. 

However, Zookerman says, it could be that people who own the two-bedrooms will pay more for the unit, and those who rent them will pay less. 

But what about rental units? 

The researchers found that when they looked at rents, they saw that, in general, two- and three-bedroom units would have the same rent as a one and two- bedroom unit, but rent for a single- or two-family home would be higher. 

One thing the researchers didn’t find was whether or not people would be willing to pay more to live in a unit that was smaller or larger than the neighborhood they were in. 

People might pay more in the wealthier parts of the country, because they don’t have to worry about moving in the spring, Zinkerman says in an interview. 

And if there are only a few people living in the unit they want, they could be tempted to stay, he says.

Zukermans team also studied whether people would prefer to live close to a transit hub, which can be an expensive option for renters in some cities. 

Instead of looking at the average rent per unit, they looked for the average price per square foot, which is the number they’d have to pay for that unit if they lived there. 

What’s the best way to help the poor afford housing?

Zukermos team also looked into how housing could be made more affordable in other ways. 

Their research showed that, if there was a shared building or shared housing, it might make it easier for people to get their rent and utilities paid on time. 

Also, it’s possible that a shared unit could help close the housing gap between housing prices and housing supply.

Zuhmer said that a housing sharing unit could mean that people would pay more when renting out a home in a city where they don’t have to move. 

Another option is to provide affordable housing to those who can’t afford it.

Zukires team found that if people can rent out their homes, the number on the street could decrease, and people could rent out the home and pay more rent. 

Ultimately, Zukiers team found, the solution is to allow people to share their homes with each other, as long as they are willing to live within the rules of the unit. 

This could be a solution to the housing shortage that Zukers team is studying, says Zukumers team. 

There is a need for affordable housing, Zuhmers team says, because more than half of people in the United States live in poverty. 

Read more about affordable housing and housing shortage at The New York Times More stories about affordable home ownership and home ownership

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