How to fix a housing crisis

By Arvind Narayanan and Shubha Kumar Mishra | 09 July 2018 07:00 ISTA lot of people are not going to get a house.

But if they want to move out of their homes, the only thing they can do is to find an affordable one.

This has been a common experience for many people.

It is estimated that about 100,000 people, mainly in the city of Mumbai, are renting out their homes.

They are not the only ones.

The problem is that many of these people are living in apartments with no space for a bedroom.

These apartments are located in high-rise residential areas, and are often on top of one another.

The houses are usually located in suburban areas.

This is where the rents go up the most.

So many people have been left to find new accommodation, even if it is on the outskirts of the city.

The solution is to offer these apartments to people who have the money to afford them.

The government is offering Rs 1,500 for an apartment with a bedroom of a single person.

This amount will be added to a monthly rent.

This way, if a person earns Rs 10,000 a month, they can afford to buy an apartment.

A lot more people are renting their properties to the government.

According to a government report, over 1.4 crore people have moved out of the country’s capital due to the housing crisis.

This number has risen dramatically since the financial crisis, as people have realised that renting a home for a year is not going get them out of a situation that is extremely painful.

So the government has been trying to create a housing scheme.

It has offered Rs 1.25 lakh as a minimum subsidy to anyone renting their home in the capital.

But the government’s scheme will only provide a fraction of the apartments.

It will provide a subsidy to the tenants of a building with more than 100 rooms.

The subsidy amount is Rs 500, and is dependent on the size of the building.

The government says it has a plan to provide Rs 1 lakh per month for the remaining flats.

But there are only around 200 of these flats.

This will leave around 700 people without a home.

The real solution, however, lies in providing the apartments for people who do not have any income to pay rent.

People who are not getting jobs, or do not own land, do not qualify for the subsidy.

They will also be left without an affordable place to live.

The solution is simple.

The central government can create a scheme that will provide the apartments to those who need them, while at the same time providing subsidies to the people who want to rent their properties.

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