Trump administration, congressional leaders push for passage of TrumpCare bill, Dems push for vote

Trump administration officials, House Democrats and House Republicans are pushing to advance a health care bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act’s insurance mandates, and the Senate is expected to approve it.

TrumpCare is one of three GOP priorities Trump has said he is pushing through the Senate.

The House passed the bill last week, but a final version will not be voted on until January 10.

The Senate is still holding a vote on the bill.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced the bipartisan effort to advance the bill Thursday in the Senate chamber.

They said the bipartisan approach would help address the uninsured and reduce costs for everyone, including the elderly and disabled.

Pelosi said the bill is an important step in the right direction, and she and Schumer were joined by Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee chair, who said the Senate will vote on it on Jan. 10.

Democrats are also pushing for a vote by the end of this month, while Republicans say they are waiting for a bill to pass the House.

Trump has made repealing the ACA a top priority of his presidency.

In his speech to the American Legion on Wednesday, Trump said that Congress is “still fighting” on a health bill.

The administration has not announced a date for a health legislation vote, but it has said it wants a bill that will address the ACA’s Medicaid expansion.

The Republican-controlled House passed a measure last week that would end Medicaid expansion and allow states to opt out of it entirely.

The bill was opposed by Democrats and some Republicans.

Trump told the American Association of Retired Persons that it would be a great day if we could get rid of Obamacare and start over.

We’ll be taking care of people like you, the retired, the disabled and the young, he said.

The White House on Thursday called for the Senate to pass a health-care bill in a matter of days, saying that a vote would “make America great again.”

The House bill, however, would repeal several provisions of the ACA, including a requirement that most Americans have health insurance, Medicaid expansion, tax credits and subsidies to buy insurance and a requirement to cover maternity and newborn care.

The bill would also allow states with a waiver to use the tax credits to buy plans from private insurers.

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