How to save on property taxes in Jerusalem

For the first time in decades, Jerusalem will get a new housing construction project that could see the creation of more than one million new housing units.

The new housing, which is being dubbed the “Palm House” project, will be constructed on the site of the former Israeli Civil Administration (ICA) building in the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City.

It will replace the historic ICA building and its adjacent buildings.

This is the first building that will be built on a large scale in the city since the ICA was demolished in 2015.

The “Palms” will be divided into two sections, with a total of 2,000 housing units, according to a press release issued by Jerusalem municipality.

The city’s Ministry of Housing is in charge of the construction of the project.

The city’s planning commission voted in favor of the plan, which will be completed in 2023, at a meeting on Tuesday.

The development will replace ICA buildings that were demolished in March and April 2019.

The demolition came after the IAA was accused of not paying the city’s taxes, which were due on the same dates, and the IAC had been under scrutiny by Israeli human rights groups for allegedly violating Palestinian land rights and building permits.

The construction will also be the first in the West Bank in 20 years that will not rely on the controversial “price tag” legislation, which allows construction of a single housing unit for every single building unit. 

In 2016, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Israeli government announced a joint construction project on the sites of the demolished buildings, the first such construction in the occupied West Bank since the Oslo Accords.

The two parties announced that the new “Palts” would be built using an international consensus building code, in line with the UN Convention on the Law of the Land, which governs the development of housing in the territories.

Israel is expected to spend some $2.4 billion to build the project, and is also expected to build 1,000 units of affordable housing.

The Israeli construction ministry is expected spend about $100 million on the project over 20 years, with the majority of the cost going to construction of roads and infrastructure.

The Palestinian Authority and Israel are expected to share the remaining $500 million.

The Palestinians are expected pay for the rest through taxes.

The ICA’s buildings are located in the Old City and are a key landmark in Jerusalem.

The buildings have been used as a major political tool by Israel in the Palestinian territories for decades.

The ICA and the Palestinian communities have been seeking to preserve the buildings, which are located within historic and religious Jewish neighborhoods.

Israel demolished ICA structures and buildings in 1967, but the construction project is still in effect, with most of the ICHA buildings still standing.

Since the dismantling of the structures, Palestinians have been building new housing on the ground, with plans to demolish all of the buildings.

But, the destruction of the historical buildings has led to the demolition of a number of structures, including the IAH’s Palestinian Center for Religious Education and Cultural Heritage, which was built in 1946.

The site was also designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2004.

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