The best properties for rent in London

There’s a good reason why people are looking to buy in London.

There’s plenty to see, eat, and sleep in.

If you’re interested in a house for rent, it’s not difficult to find a good deal in the capital.

Here are a few of the best places to find one.

London, the capital of the UK’s south-east, has a huge number of great properties available for rent.

If the weather’s good, you can expect to find your dream home in the city.

However, if it’s cold or rainy, and there’s little to do, then it’s a different story.

Here’s our list of London properties to rent.

Get in touch for more info.


The Crown Estate, London, United Kingdom This elegant, three-bedroom property on the Charing Cross Estate, in the heart of London, is just a stone’s throw from London Bridge and a couple of hours from central London.

Located in the beautiful St James’s Park area, it features two full bathrooms, a pool, and a spacious living room with large windows.

A three-car garage and a large parking lot make this property a great location for car enthusiasts.

It’s well worth considering if you want a nice house in the central London area.


The Royal Collection, London (The) The Royal collection house in Westminster, the home of Queen Elizabeth II, is located on the edge of the city centre, just a few minutes’ walk from the Houses of Parliament.

The house features a two-bedroom house, a terrace and a garden with a view of the Thames and London Bridge.

The property is a stunning example of luxury, and has an impressive history of being used by Queen Elizabeth as a residence for her family.

It has a spacious, four-bedroom, two-bathroom house.

The entire property is owned by the Prince and Princess of Wales, who live there.


The Grosvenor House, London It’s an absolute gem in the historic district of Lambeth, just outside the city’s central shopping area.

Built in 1849, this six-bedroom mansion is an iconic part of London’s skyline and was a residence of the Queen and her family for generations.

The owner is a member of the Royal family and a wealthy businessman.

The estate boasts two of the most unique views in the country.

The roof terrace is a perfect location for a quiet, relaxing retreat.

There are also a number of public gardens in the property, including a series of woodland-filled gardens.

It is well worth a visit to Lambeth for a private tour.


The Cottage House, Kent A Victorian home in Kent, this home is the former home of Lord Kitchener, the Earl of Cottesloe, and is located in the famous Old Bailey district.

The mansion features an expansive courtyard and large open living spaces, with plenty of natural light and a variety of terraces.

It was also once the home to the Earl and Countess of Leicester.

The cottage has a unique view of London and the Thames.

It boasts a large roof terraces and a view overlooking the city from its top floor.


The Charing Crossing Estate, Westminster This house in London’s famous St James Street district is one of the largest houses in the UK, with an estimated 5,400 square feet of living space and a five-storey tower.

The original house was built in 1842, and the home features a large terrace.

This house is situated just one mile from Westminster, and was once used by the Earl Marshal.

It currently houses the headquarters of the London Stock Exchange, as well as offices and other businesses.

The home was designed by the British architect, Lord Robert Peel, who was the architect of Buckingham Palace.


The Queen Mary, London Another stunning home in London, this stunning mansion is one floor above the Royal Courts of Justice.

The 8,600-square-foot home features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, an open living room and a small garden.

This property was designed to be a focal point for the Queen’s home and was built on the site of a former prison.

The building itself was constructed by a partnership between the Royal Family and the architect, Thomas Maugham.

The new design features a glass roof and a curved staircase leading to a sweeping terrace that opens out onto the gardens.


The Princess Diana Estate, Somerset A beautiful home in Somerset, this estate is the home and private residence of Princess Diana, and features four acres of woodland.

It features a stunning two-storeys castle-like structure on the grounds, and can accommodate a maximum of five guests.

The exterior is lined with white oak trees, and it’s also surrounded by a private garden and tennis courts.


The King’s Cross Estate The King Street estate in central London, which includes a house, two shops and the Olympic Stadium, is the latest

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