The land sale of the Bmha bungalow property, which is owned by the Bhatia family, to an Indian businessman

The land in Bhatiya’s Bmah property, on the outskirts of the Indian capital, Delhi, has gone to a property developer who had purchased it for Rs 2 crore, sources told The Hindu.

According to the sources, the developer has proposed a five-acre plot for sale to a businessman from Karnataka.

The property, at Bhatiyagarapalli area, has a 5.6-acre landholdings.

It was bought by the Bhathas from the family of their founder Srinivas Bhat, the source said.

The landholding, which comprises 5.9 acres, was purchased by the family from their founder after the Bhattas’ death in 2010.

The Bhattahs own the property, with the rest of the property divided among four sons.

The properties have two parking lots, a public toilet, a pool and a house.

Bhatiya had also a five acre plot in his home state of Karnataka, which was bought from the Bhejla family, the sources said.

Bhatya was a former Chief Minister of Karnak and later became the Chief Minister for the state.

The family is also the owners of a property in Hyderabad and a home in New Delhi.

Bhattahs daughter and daughter-in-law are also the current owners of the properties in Hyderabadi and New Delhi respectively.

The land is a separate property, and is owned jointly by the two families.

Bhathas daughter, Anurag, has been appointed as the principal secretary in the department of urban development of Karnamal and the former chief minister, Keshubhai Patel, has held the post since 2007.

Sources said the land was bought with funds raised through the auction of a bungalows property in Bhattah’s native state of Kerala.

The bungalower property in the Bhela village is owned with a loan of Rs 25 crore from the Indian government.

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