How the bell house is about to be saved

The Bell House, a $1.6 billion home in San Diego, California, has undergone major repairs to improve its interior and exterior appearance.

The home was built in the mid-19th century by the San Diego State University bell house fraternity.

The property was originally constructed for students but has since become a popular destination for college students and other visitors.

The house has a grand staircase that leads to a private entrance and is decorated with a large bell.

The bell house has been renovated by a new owners and the new owners, who are renovating the interior and removing some of the original structural elements, according to a post on the Bell House Facebook page.

The Bell Houses website describes the home as a “home with a view.”

“The new owners have a new vision for the Bell house, which is about as beautiful as it gets,” the post said.

“They’re bringing a whole new energy to the property, including the renovation of the walls and ceilings and of course, a big new kitchen and dining area with a massive pool and spa.”

The post noted the renovation includes “the addition of a brand new, 18-foot high stainless steel fireplace, a new living room with a private fireplace and dining room with marble-encrusted ceilings.”

The Bell house is listed for $1,958,000.

The current home price is $1 million, according a listing on the Conde Nast Real Estate website.

The site also lists a $7,800,000 asking price for the property.

The new owners of the Bell houses, who want to remain anonymous, are seeking to sell the property and move the building to a better location, according the listing.

The owner of the current home has also requested the building be put up for sale.

The post said the Bell Houses Facebook page is now closed.

“We appreciate the many messages of support we’ve received and will continue to keep the Bell home open for everyone to enjoy,” the owner of Bell House said.

The listing for the new Bell house said the current owners have purchased the property from the city of San Diego and will not move it.

The existing Bell house will be demolished.

The San Diego Police Department told Fox News that the department is aware of the listing and will take appropriate actions when the city determines a threat to public safety.

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