Which of the new houses in Burbank will you want to live in?

Burbank, CA – The city of Burbank is getting a makeover.

The city will begin moving forward with the purchase of up to 40 homes and the development of a new development project.

The Burbank Neighborhood Council will be able to bid on the projects at an auction, with the first homes to be built likely to be purchased at $1.9 million.

The Burbank Neighbors will host the bidding process at the Burbank Community Center in Burbanks next month.

It is expected that the first home to be completed will be built on the west side of the Burbanks Main Street.

The neighborhood council said they are hoping to get bids from more than 100 homes in Burbs first-of-its-kind development project in Burbers next-door neighbors, the Burbach House.

Burbank is in a transition period, with residents experiencing increased traffic congestion and an increasing demand for affordable housing in the area.

Burbank Councilmember Julie Schuster said the council is also hoping to help address the rising cost of housing in Burbach by increasing the number of affordable housing units in the neighborhood.

The city is working with Burbach Housing Trust to develop a project for the new development.

The project includes 20 affordable housing homes, a community garden, and landscaping to create an open space that is designed to be a natural habitat for plants and wildlife.

A public meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 21 at the North Hills Community Center.

“The city and Burbach will be working together to develop the project to address the needs of the residents of Burbach, which includes more affordable housing, new community facilities, landscaping, and a larger garden,” Burbach Mayor Dan Doss said in a news release.

“This project will be a win-win for Burbach and the city of North Hills.

We are working with the Burbais, and the Burbans will reap the benefits of more affordable, sustainable housing.”

The Burbach Neighbors have been working with local residents to develop their own community gardens for several years.

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