Are the ‘housing first’ policies the right thing for Australia?

It is a policy that will be seen by many as an assault on homeownership and the private rental market.

But in the eyes of the Federal Government, it is an important step forward in ensuring affordability in the housing market.

The Federal Government has announced plans to allow the sale of properties to first-time buyers, who will be able to purchase the properties they have spent months or even years on the market.

This is the first time the Government has offered a government-approved scheme that allows people to buy homes on their own.

The first-home buyer scheme, which will see buyers of existing properties get to take on the properties, will be rolled out across the country starting in September.

Under the program, people buying homes in their own name, can purchase the property from their bank or other lending institutions and rent it out for a set period of time.

They will then be able sell the property to an interested buyer and pay the seller a fixed price.

If the buyer is unable to find a buyer, the property will be sold back to the bank or lender and the buyer will then have to pay the lender for the loan.

For first-timers, the government will provide them with the same information as new buyers, including details about the property and how much money they will be getting back.

For first home buyers, there will be a limit on the amount of time they can borrow from the lender, and a maximum interest rate of 10 per cent per month.

The program will be implemented by the Australian Council of Housing and Urban Research (ACHUR) and is funded by the Federal Budget.

Housing Minister Christopher Pyne has previously said the scheme would help the first-homes market.

But the program has been met with criticism from the housing industry, which said it was a huge burden on the banks, and could potentially encourage some people to skip out on buying a home altogether.

“The government’s announcement is a welcome step to provide stability to the market for the first home buyer, but will be very limited for first home purchasers and their first mortgage, as there will only be a maximum of one loan per year,” ACHUR chief executive officer, Robyn Broughton, said in a statement.

“We believe that the program should be used as a stepping stone to further measures to address the affordability challenges facing the market, including the introduction of a minimum down payment and maximum down payment.”

The announcement was welcomed by the National Housing Federation (NHF), which has called on the Government to abandon its plans to sell properties directly to first homebuyers.

It said the Government should instead look to the rental market, which is more stable and stable it has seen more people start renting out their homes, rather than relying on the housing scheme.

“[The housing program] is a way for the Government and the banks to put money back into the market and to help people start buying their own homes and renting them out,” said the National Federation of Home Builders (NFHB).

“That’s the way it should be, and it’s not going to encourage people to get into the rental sector, so we urge the Government not to go down this path.”

Despite the positive news, some have said that the government needs to take a longer-term view in how it allocates the money raised from the scheme.

“If the scheme is successful, it could help to lower the cost of housing for first- home buyers and could help them get out of their mortgage, so it’s good news for the sector,” economist Peter Kellner said.

But the National Farmers Federation (NFF) said the plan could also discourage people from buying properties outright.

“If you’re the first person to buy a property, then you’ll be able [to] make a good first impression and then when it’s time to move into the property you might not be able get that first mortgage to buy it outright, or maybe you’ll have to sell it in a smaller amount,” NFF national chief executive Chris Broughson said.

“That means there will have to be a greater emphasis on selling your own property rather than buying one outright.

What we need to do is make sure we’re not throwing money at first home owners and letting people buy a bigger house for themselves.

It’s going to have a much bigger impact on first home price appreciation than the government’s proposed change in the market.”

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