Landlords must be careful in ayrsty home building plans

Landlords have to ensure they have the right plans in place when building new housing estates, a housing industry body has warned.

The Association of Landlords said it would urge all councils to put the safety of the public before their own financial interests.

The organisation said it was the “last resort” when considering whether to make a new home.

The group has been campaigning for tougher building standards to be imposed on housing estates across the country.

It is also calling on the Government to make it easier for councils to apply for planning permission to build new housing.

It has called for the introduction of “local planning authorities”, which could be made easier for local authorities to apply to the government for planning approval to build properties.

The association’s president, Tom Dickson, said the rules needed to be changed to give councils the power to apply with more transparency.

“It would be great if councils were allowed to apply more fairly and effectively for planning permissions, but this is a very long way off,” Mr Dickson said.

He said councils should be allowed to consider all of the “prospective buyers” and “people who may be interested” before deciding whether to apply. “

So it’s not the planning agency that makes the decision, but the developer who makes the application.”

He said councils should be allowed to consider all of the “prospective buyers” and “people who may be interested” before deciding whether to apply.

He added that councils should also be allowed the “flexibility” to change their plans. “

There should be an opportunity for the prospective owner to put forward alternative proposals for the home that might be more in their own interest.”

He added that councils should also be allowed the “flexibility” to change their plans.

“If they think there’s something they’ve got a better way of doing, they can do that.”

It comes after Mr Dinson said he believed “too much time has been spent” in recent years on “policies and planning”.

He said that was partly due to the “fickle nature of the market” and that councils needed to do more to give people confidence in the process.

Mr Dison said councils needed a “robust and credible plan for housing”.

“The council is often asked to make decisions based on ‘who is the best fit’ or ‘what is the most appropriate solution for this community’,” he said.

“The most effective way of ensuring that a planning application will be made in the way it is intended to be made is by giving local authorities the ability to apply at the time and in the manner they deem appropriate.”

Local authorities have the power, but they should not be asked to dictate planning policies.

“That is an area where local authorities should be given more leeway in how they approach planning applications and should be encouraged to make more informed decisions about whether to offer a particular home to the public.”

A consultation will now be conducted by local authorities across the UK, to see how they can be more transparent and “deteriorate” the process of applying for planning approvals.

Councils in England and Wales can apply for a planning permission on their own, or request it be approved by a planning authority.

The National Housing Council (NHC) said it had been “overwhelmed” by the amount of planning applications it had received, with “almost no guidance” from the Government.

However, it said it recognised that there were “difficult decisions” to be taken by councils when planning permission applications were made, but that the process should be transparent and fair.

It said it also wanted to make sure people were aware of the process, which could include the importance of meeting the terms of the planning permission.

In a statement, NHC Chief Executive Michael Stutchbury said: “The process for planning is complex and difficult.

But we have a duty to make the public aware of what is being proposed and to take action to make that happen as quickly as possible.”

We have also had to work hard to understand the needs of people in different circumstances, including in particular the need to protect the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people.

“The NHC has been asked to advise local authorities on the impact on the environment of the proposed development, which it says will affect 1,400 properties in Ayrshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Warwickshire.

Its guidance will also provide advice on what can be done to make planning more transparent.

Last year, the Government launched a new “housing plan review” into the state of planning, to determine whether more is being done to address the pressures on housing supply.

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