How to find the best rents in Seattle, WA

A new study from found that Seattle was the most affordable city in the United States, thanks to its relative affordability compared to other large cities.

The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Seattle was $1,200, according to the report, while the median rent in San Francisco was $2,800.

The study also found that the median cost of a one or two bedroom apartment in the Seattle area was just $2.55 per month, compared to $5.30 per month in the San Francisco area.

In the Pacific Northwest, the median price of a two bedroom in Seattle is $1.50 per month.

In all, the report found that renters in Seattle made a median of $1 million in median income, a number that rose from $1 Million in 2017.

The report also showed that there were 1.4 million rental properties in Seattle in 2018, which is a record number of properties.

According to Realtor, the average rent in Seattle for a studio apartment was $3,300, a median rent of $2 per month for a two-bedroom and a rent of over $4 per month when you factor in mortgage payments.

The average rent for an apartment in San Jose is $2 to $2 1/2 per square foot, while San Francisco rents are a bit higher, averaging $3 to $3.25 per square feet.

In 2018, Seattle’s median income was $75,000, and median rent was $800 per month while San Jose’s median was $900 per month and San Francisco’s median is $925 per month on average.

According the report’s author, Richard Lee, Seattle is still a pricey city to rent.

But he says that the affordability is improving.

The most affordable rents in the country have been in New York, San Francisco and Chicago, he said.

He believes that if Seattle could build more affordable housing and provide renters with better options, Seattle could be one of the most unaffordable cities in the nation.

“Seattle is not a city where we see a lot of low-income families,” Lee said.

“I think it’s a little bit of a paradox because it’s very affordable to rent in the city.

It’s a much more diverse area, but it has fewer middle-income renters than Seattle.””

The Bay Area has a lot more high-end housing than Seattle.

It’s a much more diverse area, but it has fewer middle-income renters than Seattle.”

Lee also believes that Seattle’s population is growing rapidly, as people are moving to the city to make their lives more comfortable.

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